Troubleshooting CTE Reports 3-26-24

Troubleshooting CTE Reports 3-26-24.mp4
FTE Reports Part 1 February 14, 2024.mp4
FTE Reports Part 2 February 14, 2024.mp4

Civil Rights Reporting 1-25-24 

Civil Rights Reporting 1-25-24.mp4

EMIS "L" Reporting 10-19-23


EMIS "S" Reporting 10.19.23 


Federal Child Count Reports 11-21-2023

Federal Child Count Reports 11-21-2023.mp4

TLCS Reports 12-12-2023

TLCS Reports 12-12-2023.mp4

FY23 End of year "S" Reporting 

FY23 End of Year _S_ Reporting.mp4

FY23 Graduate Reporting "G" 

FY23 _G_ Graduate Reporting.mp4

Area Coordinator Foster Placement 5-17-2022 

Area Coordinator Foster Placement 5-17-22.mp4

Graduation Seals Video Presentation 5-25-2022 


New EMIS Coordinators Fall 22 

New Emis Fall Training.mp4

FY23 Fall EMIS Checklist Training 11-17-2022 

Fall meeting student.mp4

FY23 Fall Staff EMIS Reporting 11-17-2022 

Fall Staff.mp4

FY23 WKC Report Training

FY23 Missing Assessment Reports.mp4

FY23 Missing Assessment Report Training

FY23 WKC Report Training.mp4

Troubleshooting FY23 Graduation Reports

Troubleshooting FY23 Graduation Reports - EA - 9-8-23.mp4

Excess Cost App


Excess Cost


Extracting assessment data from ODDEX and loading into Student Information 1-12-2022


Calendars 10-14-2021

Calendars 10-14-2021.mp4